What our candidates can expect from Accounting Career Consultants:


Candidates can expect honesty.  We believe it is the foundation of building trust and our ability to assist you.


We will act as your talent agent. We will present you in a positive manner to companies that will benefit from your skills and experience. We will help you find companies that meet your requirements for the best next step in your career.


Candidates can expect that we will listen and not waste their time.  We will only call when we have a potential opportunity that seems to fit the criteria you are seeking.  We will not waste your time presenting situations that are not a fit.  We will always take our direction from you.  After each interview, we will fine tune our search based on your feedback.


Your search will be conducted with the highest level of confidentiality.  Your resume will NEVER be submitted without your permission.


We will strive to become the Best Listener in your life and our Goal is to become your Lifetime Career Agent.


You can expect to be considered for all of the Consultants’ clients in our office.  We work as a team so you can expect to be considered for any of the opportunities in our office.  This opens up your options to everybody’s clients in our office not just the person you originally meet.


You can expect us to share as much information as possible about the position and company.  We will try to give you as many details about the situation as we can.  This includes why we believe the situation fits what you are seeking and any areas that it may not fit for you to consider to determine your interest in pursuing the situation.    We will also share with you “insider information” on our clients to provide you with a competitive edge.  We will take care of all of the details of setting up interviews and help you prepare for the interviews.


We will help negotiate the best possible offer.  We will serve as a facilitator to try to get the offer to an acceptable level that both our candidates and clients are comfortable with.  We will conduct a lot of this before our clients present a formal offer to try to deal with any negotiations up front.  This will give you confidence that you received the best offer possible and help you avoid going through the uncomfortable process of trying to negotiate directly with your future employer.


We will help you clarify any concerns and manage the interview process.  Most of our candidates are more comfortable addressing concerns with us than their potential future employer.  We can help deal with any sensitive issues in the most diplomatic way possible and offer you our professional expertise based on our knowledge of the employment marketplace.


Once we place you in a position, we will follow-up with both you and your new employer to help insure the smoothest transition possible.


These services will all be provided at NO cost to you as all of our fees are paid by our client companies.