Are you struggling to find a job? Maybe you have a job, but you dread going to work or feel unfulfilled. Working with a recruiter is a great way to find a job opportunity that aligns with your needs and is more efficient than searching job boards. Here are 7 reasons to use an accounting recruiter to help you find a job.

  1. The Best Jobs Aren’t Listed on Job Boards

    While job boards have numerous listings, not every job out there will appear on them, especially if the company is small or the position is at an executive level. Many job searches are confidential, so they cannot be posted. Some companies give job open-ing information to recruiters instead of posting them online to avoid an influx of unqualified applicants.

  2. Your Resume is More Likely to be Considered

    When a resume is submitted to a company through an ad, HR will read it over and put them in “yes” or “no” piles. They might only spend 30 seconds looking at your resume. Many times, great candidates end up in the “no” pile because of small things. The resume might just be missing one keyword. Working with a recruiter helps make sure you end up in the “yes” pile. Recruiters will represent you and sell you to HR. If the person has an objection with your resume, they can provide clarification and answer any questions. With HR, timing is crucial. If they already have the quota they need for their “yes” pile met before they even get to your resume, they won’t even consider you. A recruiter will advocate for you to make sure HR and the hiring manager take you seriously.

  3. Recruiters Have Insider Knowledge

    A recruiter knows inside information about their client company’s culture. They also have info about the interviewers, the interview process and the salary range. A recruiter will help you figure out if a job opening is a good fit for you before you waste time going in for an interview. There is no point going after a job that doesn’t align with your values or salary requirements. Having this insider information will save you a lot of time.

  4. You’ll be Well Prepared for Interviews

    A recruiter can help prepare you for the interview by giving you general interview tips. They will also give you specifics on what the company is looking for. This type of information is invaluable. You will be able to frame your interview responses in a way that is specific to the role. They can also help you identify key parts of your background that you will want to bring up during the interview. The candidates who are best pre-pared are the ones who end up getting hired.

  5. Recruiters Are Expert Negotiators

    Recruiters will negotiate the offer for you to get a better package than you would likely be able to get on your own. Most people are not skilled negotiators. Recruiters are; they do it every day. This can be a huge advantage when it comes to salary negotiations. Negotiations can bring out the worst in people, so it is much better if negotiations go through a recruiter instead.

  6. Recruiters Save You Time

    Job hunting is time-consuming. It takes days and days to sift through job listings, fill out applications, and customize resumes and cover letters. It is almost a full-time job in itself. So, if you are already employed, it can be difficult to search for a new job. Recruiters do the legwork for you, which makes the process go a lot faster. They only bring you jobs that fit your criteria in terms of job responsibilities, company culture, and salary range.

  7. Your Job Search Will Be More Private

    A recruiter can help you maintain confidentiality during your job search. When you apply to a job online, you hope the job goes straight to HR or to a hiring manager. But you have no way of really knowing who the resume ends up with. A recruiter will try to control the situation, so the resume does not end up in the wrong hands.


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