Workplace flexibility is quickly becoming one of the most valued aspects of a job. The newest generation of workers, including millennials, don’t want to work more than 40-45 hours on a regular basis and the days of people working 50-60 hours per week consistently are gone. Present-day employees place more value on the lives they have outside of work than prior generations. Companies that are willing to offer flexible work hours, schedules and/or work from home options will help them recruit and retain employees in one of the most competitive job markets ever. There doesn’t have to be a one-size-fits-all approach to the work week. Here are some other strategies that can help to optimize work-life balance:

Vacation Policies

More companies are innovating their vacation polices by moving away from traditional two-week vacations. Candidates searching for accounting, finance and tax jobs in St. Louis might find opportunities that offer three weeks of vacation and the opportunity to get to four weeks after five years or less. Some companies even take it a step further by offering vacation bonuses to entice their employees to get some rest. Encouraging employees to take paid time off can help to improve their overall health and ability to perform their jobs more efficiently.

Home Offices

A recent Gallup report indicated that companies offering a remote work option increased both engagement and satisfaction among their employees. Leaders who want to empower their team members should consider giving them the choice between working at the office or at home part of the time. Organizations that struggle with production and retaining their talent are the ones that still expect their employees to sit inside cubicles all day every day. In addition, companies that are willing to let high performing employees work part-time or job share, will retain good employees in a market where it is hard to find good people.

Community Involvement

From cleaning a local trail to helping build a playground, a growing number of employees also want opportunities outside of work to make a positive impact in their communities. Non-profit volunteer programs are great for brand exposure, boosting employee morale, and attracting new talent. It’s also an ideal way to promote a collaborative work environment among staff.

Workplace flexibility polices are evolving quickly across the accounting industry. Although some companies are holding on to the traditional work schedule and policies, if they want to land the most skilled and productive candidates in this market, they’ll need to at least consider offering them more workplace flexibility.


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