What our clients can expect from Accounting Career Consultants:

Clients can expect honesty.  We expect honesty and we give it in return.  We believe it is the foundation of a successful placement, process and relationship.


We will find the best players in the market quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to present you with 3-5 “A” Players in 2-3 weeks.


Clients can expect our fifteen step search process:

Step 1.             Needs Analysis – At the beginning of the search we will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of your needs to help us in screening candidates and saving you time.


Step 2.             Determine how to Present Opportunity – We will get information about how you view your company and position to make sure that we are sharing a consistent message.


Step 3.             Create Company / Position Sizzle – With that information we will put together a presentation and information that helps us sell your position and your company to a candidate.


Step 4.             Research Companies to Recruit From – We will try to define specific backgrounds, industries, companies and perhaps even people that you would like us to target with our recruiting efforts.   We will likely make 100+ calls during this step.


Step 5.             In-Depth Candidate Interviews – We will interview every candidate for approximately an hour in person (when feasible).


Step 6.             Present Qualified Candidates – Once we have screened and prequalified the candidates’ interest in your position, we will review their background with you to set up interviews.


Step 7.             Prepare Candidates for First Interview – We will give the candidates detailed background information about your company and position prior to their interview with you.  This will allow you to cover more ground in a quicker time period and they will be more knowledgeable coming into the interview.


Step 8.             Prepare Client for First Interview – We will give you a summary of what the candidate is looking for in a situation and why your position fits what they are seeking.


Step 9.             Debrief Candidates – We will get detailed feedback from the candidates as soon after the interview as possible.


Step 10.           Debrief Client – We will share the candidates’ feedback with you and discuss your thoughts to come up with a game plan on how to proceed.


Step 11.           Reference Checks – We will try to speak with typically 2-5 professional references whenever feasible.


Step 12.           Consult Around Counteroffer Issue – As more and more companies are giving people counteroffers when they resign, we address this issue at every step from the initial interview through the point of resignation to help screen out tire kickers who ultimately want to stay with their current companies.


Step 13.           Make Offer and Get Acceptance – We will share the offer with the candidate to gain acceptance.  If there are any concerns, they are more likely and comfortable to address and try to work through them with an independent third party involved instead of their future boss.


Step 14.           Follow-Up with Client and New Hire – We will stay in contact to try to share feedback and help insure a smooth transition particularly during the new employees first year.


Step 15.           Earn a Reference Letter – We hope that at the end of the search process, we can add you to our list of satisfied clients and that you will be comfortable writing a letter of reference for us to share with future potential clients based on your experience.


Clients can expect us to use a variety of sourcing methods to identify the best talent for their position.  Although a high percentage of candidates that we place are either referred to us because of our reputation or repeat candidates who have contacted us again because of their previous experience, we use a variety of sourcing tools to identify top talent.  We have a database of nearly 50,000 accounting and finance professionals, we network/make cold recruiting calls, we have an internal internet researcher and we use a variety of job boards and have a national network of affiliated financial staffing firms that can help us recruit for you around the country.


The level of resources we can commit to a search will mirror the cooperation, responsiveness and commitment level of our clients.  We will prioritize the clients who give us the highest level of commitment, cooperation and responsiveness.


A commitment that our clients’ calls and emails will be responded to promptly, ideally in 24 hours and no more than 48 hours.  Outside of extenuating circumstances, we will do our best to respond to you in no more than 24-48 hours.


When requested, we can help with assessment testing and background checks.