One of the worst positions a business can be in is having an unmotivated team. When your employees are discouraged and indifferent, they are less effective in their work and much more likely to leave. Not only will you end up losing great employees, you’ll also waste time and energy on hiring. Audit, accounting, and financial analyst jobs in St. Louis can be particularly difficult to hire for. Here are some signs you need a new employee incentive program.

High Turnover

If you find yourself losing high performers, you definitely need a new employee incentive program. High turnover affects the team profoundly. When there seems to be a revolving door of employees, the other team members are going to have alarm bells going off in their heads. They’re going to wonder why people keep leaving. This can create a chain reaction and cause the staff turnover to become even worse. High turnover can also cause employees to start questioning the quality of the management. The last thing you want as a manager is to lose the trust and respect of your team.


Another sign you need to reevaluate your employee incentive program is if many of your employees seem to experience burnout. If the work leaves employees exhausted, they are going to become frustrated with the job itself. They will also feel frustrated with management. Burnout also has a negative impact on performance. If your employees suffer from burnout, you will lose great talent and the ones who stay won’t perform at their best.

Lack of Motivation

Lack of motivation is another major problem. If your employers are not driven, or they lack enthusiasm, they’re not happy. Maybe the work doesn’t challenge them enough? Maybe the work doesn’t give them a clear sense of purpose? Whatever the reason, when employees aren’t motivated, they don’t try as hard, performance starts to slip, and they may even start looking for a new job.

Failure to Attract Talent

Another red flag is if you can’t seem to attract quality talent. A major problem with high employee turnover is that it can cause your company’s reputation to tank. If people think your company is a bad place to work, or if they think they will end up unemployed after a few months, they won’t bother applying. You will end up losing great talent to your rivals. If you’re only attracting mediocre candidates, you know you have a problem.

If you experience any of these signs or all four, you definitely need a new employee incentive program. You need a program that will attract high quality candidates and keep them motivated enough to stay with your company for the long-haul.

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