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Ways to Improve the Hiring Process in the Accounting Field

Some positions have a higher fill rate with the use of ads than others in the accounting field. Jobs that require specialized skill sets, such as financial analysts, auditors, and tax specialists are harder to find candidates for. Oftentimes, an advertisement in a newspaper or on an online job board will not attract enough qualified candidates. Thus, you need to use every resource available to you if you want to have the best talent working for your company. Here are some tips to improve your hiring process in the accounting field.

Referral Programs

An employee referral program can be an effective way to find high-quality candidates. Most people will only refer someone who they trust will be the right fit for the position. They do not want to risk their own reputation by referring someone who is unreliable. Referrals from high performers are especially useful because high performers tend to know other high performers. Make use of the network that your trusted employees have developed by putting a referral program in place with a bonus to the referrer.

Search Firm

It is a good idea to establish a strong relationship with a reputable accounting staffing firm, even when you are not actively looking to hire new employees. If a position becomes available that is difficult to fill, you need a quick way to access hard to find candidates. You will save time if you establish a working relationship with a search firm in advance because they will develop an understanding of your company. A search firm that specializes in accounting placement will already know all of the top players in the industry. Most top candidates are already employed, and search firms have experience communicating with them and assessing whether they are open to a change.


The most important thing to remember when interviewing candidates is that they will likely have multiple options. You have to approach the candidate as an equal. You do not want to make them jump through hoops to impress you. If anything, you should be trying to win them over. You want to illustrate to them what the company’s values are and lay out what the benefits of the job position will be. You also want to paint them a picture of the work environment. The candidate should leave the interview believing they will be working with a supportive and competent team.

Making an Offer

As the hiring manager, you should take a hands-on approach to the hiring process. Take the candidate out to lunch or out for coffee. This will help make the process more personal and will also help keep the candidate engaged during the final stages. You should prepare the candidate for the potential for a counteroffer from their current employer. Like in the interview phase, the goal here is to make the candidate feel valued. This starts with making them a competitive offer. You do not want lose out because a rival company offered more money. You should also describe the onboarding process in detail. It will show the candidate that they will have a support system if they accept the offer.

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